How can adult coloring books benefit your health?

A simple and childish activity such as coloring a book can have amazing benefits on the mental and emotional health of an adult.

When you think of coloring books, you immediately imagine children sitting at a table, with a bunch of crayons and colored pencils in front of them, trying to stay inside the lines of the drawing. Little did you know that these coloring books can bring tremendous health benefits to adults. Here are some very good reasons why you should try this activity at least once.

Coloring reduces stress

It is scientifically proven that the fear center of one’s brain tends to relax the moment that person starts coloring. In fact, this is a long-term effect. By engaging in this type of activity, you give your amygdala some rest, which also helps in reducing overall stress.

It trains the brain to focus

Staying inside the lines is not as easy as it seems. It requires focus and great attention, but even so, it does not stress your brain as much as a task at your job would, for instance. During coloring, the frontal lobe of the brain opens up and encourages the mind to focus, thus helping you forget about any worries you may have.

It improves vision and fine motor skills

Coloring is one of those activities that put both hemispheres of the brain at work. Thus, you significantly improve not only your vision, but also your fine motor skills. It combines logic and creativity and it is a great way to prevent the onset of dementia.

It can be used in decoration

There are tons of videos teaching you how to make your own ceramics, candles and soaps, how to decorate your walls and so on. But there’s one problem with them – they take time, probably even more time than finishing a 60-page coloring book would take. The thing is that once you’ve filled up the book, you can use the colored pages in all sorts of DIY projects, such as decoupage or wall décor.