The unknown health benefits of yoga

Taking up a sport is something everyone interested in achieving a healthy lifestyle should consider. Yoga, in particular, can bring numerous health benefits to your body.

When it comes to yoga, many people associate it with those practitioners that sit in an intricate and uncomfortable position for hours without achieving anything, but they couldn’t be any more wrong. If done right, yoga can provide you with numerous health benefits and significantly improve not only your overall body health, but also your mental health.

You build muscle strength

Obviously, the most commonly known benefit of yoga is that it helps you improve your flexibility, but there’s more to this. Yoga can also help you grow stronger muscles, thus preventing arthritis and back pain.

You improve your posture

The easiest way in which you can get a poor posture is to maintain your head tilted forward for several hours a day. And with poor posture there comes fatigue, back and neck pain and joint problems too. During yoga classes, you learn how to correct and perfect your posture in order to avoid the occurrence of chronic pain and degenerative arthritis of your spine.

You improve bone health

There are many studies showing that weight-bearing exercises help you strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. As you may know, yoga has several postures in which you have to lift your own weight and some examples are downward- and upward-facing dog.

Better blood flow

Through yoga, you can significantly increase your blood flow. The relaxation exercises you perform boost your circulation in both feet and hands and they also help your body cells get more oxygen. Some examples of postures that you can do to improve blood flow are handstand and headstand.

Balances your adrenal glands

Another benefit of yoga is that it can lower cortisol levels. Whenever an acute crisis occurs, your adrenal glands secrete cortisol and this temporarily boosts your immune system. If it happens that the cortisol level remains high even after the crisis is gone, the immune system is automatically put at risk, not to mention that you are also prone to depression, weight gain, diabetes and heart attack. Yoga helps you regulate these adrenal glands and lower the cortisol level.