Tips to naturally increase your dopamine level

Dopamine is a key element for your motivation, attention and memory and every now and then it needs a boost. Here are some natural ways to increase the dopamine level.

Dopamine is an essential chemical messenger in the brain and it is responsible for many aspects, such as motivation, reward, attention, memory and regulating body movements. In large amounts, dopamine gives you feelings of reward and pleasure. On the other hand, when the level is low, you feel less motivated and excited regarding the things happening around you. Worth mentioning is that you can give your dopamine level a boost naturally and here are some tips.

Do some physical activity

Exercise is recommended not only for weight loss, but also for improving mood and increasing endorphin levels. According to some studies, one-hour sessions of yoga performed on a daily basis can significantly boost your dopamine level.

Get enough sleep

You’ve definitely experienced feelings of wakefulness or alertness until now. Well, those feelings were the result of an increased level of dopamine in your body. We are naturally constructed to release large amounts of this chemical substance in the morning, when we have to wake up and have smaller amounts left in the evening. However, lack of sleep can disrupt the natural rhythm of your body. Thar’s why it’s recommended to create a schedule with specific hours when to go to sleep at night and when to wake up in the morning.

Listen to music

There are many studies that show the amazing benefits of listening to music and an increased dopamine level is also among those benefits. Up until now, most studies on dopamine and music have utilized instrumental songs in order to ensure that the increase in this chemical substance in the brain is due to the melodic music and not to the lyrics.


It is scientifically proven that medication can help you clear your mind, relax and let go of all negative thoughts gathered after a long day at work. Additionally, meditation exercises can also boost your mood and motivation, which are directly related to dopamine.